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Even if you have just one or two bed bugs, they can reproduce quickly to an infestation in a matter of weeks. We will help you get rid of bed bugs with our quality pest control services.

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Bed Bugs may be a serious problem that can happen in a variety of homes. If you do find bed bugs in your home, you should contact our professional exterminators as soon as possible. Bed bugs are a public health concern and the most important thing you can do is take care of the infestation as soon as you notice it. We at Cheap Pest Control Naperville understand that not everyone knows the danger of bed bugs and the importance of getting them dealt with as soon as possible so we will cover some of the basics for people who are unfamiliar with the issue. Bed bugs are parasites that feed primarily on human blood. They are hard to detect, can travel on clothes and furniture, and reproduce quickly under the right conditions

When bed bugs invade your home, they can make living a nightmare. Unfortunately, bed bugs are tough to get rid of on your own. To ensure a quick and easy elimination of this pest, a professional bed bug exterminator can help. Bed bugs are flightless, but they easily hitchhike in luggage, clothes, and furniture. They feed on blood and can cause itchy welts. 

Bed Bugs Signs in Your Home

The early signs of bed bugs may include small blood stains on your mattress, headboard, and nightstand. There may also be exoskeletons from when the insects shed their skin. These signs are a surefire way of knowing that you have a bed bug infestation.

  1. Red or rusty stains
  2. Small dark specks
  3. Adult bed bugs
  4. Tiny eggshells or eggs

Other Signs of Bed Bugs

In order to prevent a potential infestation, it is essential to check a mattress or any other items for signs of a bed bug, such as a small amount of brown droppings, a telltale rusty spot on a bed frame, or a trail of bed bug eggs on a surface. Bed bugs can hide in seams and tags on a mattress, on a box spring, or in cracks on a bed frame or headboard.

Steps to Take After Seeing Signs of Bed Bugs

You’ll want to call Cheap Pest Control Naperville today for a free estimate to eliminate bed bugs. Getting rid of bugs can be complex and involve both high heat and/or chemicals, so we recommend calling us today.

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